Version 2.4.4

Version 2.4.4 adds the ability to additionaly publish your FTP uploads (your site or Sailwave results folder) to social media sites.

Currently only twitter is implemented.  When you publish, a final webpage is displayed on the Sailwave site with a predfined tweet.  You can edit it as you like and then send it it using the tweet button on the page.  It’s not totally automatic yet.

Please report all problems via the Sailwave User Group or email or leave a comment on this post, thanks.

Release date

23rd December 2011

Download link



  • Visual. On Linux under Wine HQ, possibility of displaying duplicate menus when publishing.


  • Force series event and venue to be specified before publishing. This information ends up in web pages and it’s essential for good searching thereafter.
  • Add checkboxes to publish to social media from FTP upload and Sailwave results folder upload.
  • Add a ‘Base URL’ to the FTP setup so that Sailwave knows what the final published URL is when uploading with FTP.
  • Add a webpage to the Sailwave website to do the social media publishing.  This page can be developed independently of Sailwave itself.  It takes the arguments ‘url’ and ‘tit’.  For example  This means it can be used independently of Sailwave as well.
  • Minor appearance fixes.


  • Add facebook to social media publishing.
  • Add Google to social media publishing.
  • Give users more control over formatting of race headers and starts etc.
  • Multiple FTP sites in global options.

Please feel free to add your wishlist to this post in the comments.