Version 2.4.5

Version 2.4.5 starts to extend publishing so that users have more control over how results are formatted.

To use it, tick the box labelled “Use Javascript” when publishing results and then include the Results.js script at the “Select Destination” stage.  You will see from the source generated that Javascript is used to format headers etc., rather than vanilla HTML.  Results.js is an example that starts to mimic the current alternative HTML – you can supply your own Javascript.  There is still much to do.  This extension is probably only suitable for users familiar with HTML and Javascript or some other coding language.  Most clubs/events will have such a person and it’s a one time operation to design your layout.  No documentation yet.

Please report all problems via the Sailwave User Group or email or leave a comment on this post, thanks.

Release date

3rd January 2012

Download link



  • None known.


  • Fix publishing always displaying “Nation Leaderboard”.
  • Add facebook to social media publishing.
  • Add Results.js example script.
  • Add “Use Javascript” checkbox when publishing results.


  • Add Google to social media publishing.
  • Document creating templates/styles and scripts etc.
  • Extend the scripting of results.
  • Multiple FTP sites in global options for selection when publishing.

Please feel free to add your wishlist to this post in the comments.