Version 2.4.6

Version 2.4.6 continues to extend the scripting facilities and has been updated for the new server WRT publishing to the Sailwave results folder and checking for updates.  All previous versions will fail in these two aspects.

Please report all problems via the Sailwave User Group or email or leave a comment on this post, thanks.

Release date

4th Feb 2012

Download link


  • If you get ‘show stopper’ problems use the previous version.


  • None known.


  • Fix typo in all styles that affected the ‘national’ templates.
  • Clean up the HTML generated by Sailwave.
  • Use more classes when generating HTML from Sailwave so that users can do more in styles.
  • Extend further what can be scripted when publishing results.


  • Add Google to social media publishing.
  • Document creating templates/styles and scripts etc.
  • Extend the scripting of results.
  • Multiple FTP sites in global options for selection when publishing.

Please feel free to add your wishlist to this post in the comments.