Version 2.5.2

This version improves the javascript publishing capabilities and fixes some minor issues.

Download link

Note: If you are re-installing Sailwave, all files and folders in the install directory are removed prior to installation.  Please make backups as needed.  Under normal circumstances this is not necessary Рyou should never need to change or add files in the Sailwave install directory.


  • Remove the SCHRS calculator – there is one on their site now.
  • Remove “Volvo” from the Youth Worlds plugin etc.
  • Change “Scripts” to “Effects” – it’s less scary.
  • Change the javascript results effect/script to being a template.
  • Template can add separators below and/or above the menu entries.
  • Fix the flight assignment template.
  • Fix the help menu links.
  • Add a DPI1 code as an example of a discretionary penalty.
  • Refresh Publish menu on return from GlobalOptions.