Version 2.5.2

This version improves the javascript publishing capabilities and fixes some minor issues.

Download link

Note: If you are re-installing Sailwave, all files and folders in the install directory are removed prior to installation.  Please make backups as needed.  Under normal circumstances this is not necessary – you should never need to change or add files in the Sailwave install directory.


  • Remove the SCHRS calculator – there is one on their site now.
  • Remove “Volvo” from the Youth Worlds plugin etc.
  • Change “Scripts” to “Effects” – it’s less scary.
  • Change the javascript results effect/script to being a template.
  • Template can add separators below and/or above the menu entries.
  • Fix the flight assignment template.
  • Fix the help menu links.
  • Add a DPI1 code as an example of a discretionary penalty.
  • Refresh Publish menu on return from GlobalOptions.