Version 2.5.4

You can download the zipped version of the exe for Version 2.5.4 from the following link

Based on Version 2.5.3 with the following changes

  • In the UI setup you have to normally tick the box extra fields for competitors to see all of the available fields.  By default it is not ticked when you install Sailwave.  Whenever I give instructions to a new user I nearly always have to tell them to tick this box.  Usually all they need is the Helms age-group and sex.  So I have modified it such that the tab is displayed as default without having to tick the extra fields box but only the Helm and Crew sub tabs are displayed.  Hopefully this means it keeps it cleaner and simpler for the majority of users but those that want it all can still get it.  Give me some feedback (a) if  you like the idea and (b) it is working OK
  • I’ve built the properties into the exe so if you hover over the sailwave.exe with the mouse in you Windows Explorer it shows the version and if you right click and select properties you can see even more details.