Version 2.6.1

You can download the zipped version of the exe for Version 2.6.1 from the following link

I wasn’t going to upload a new Beta for a few days but I got so excited with this one (I’m easily pleased – No comments please!) That I thought I would share it with you and see if you liked it.

Based on Version 2.6.0 with the following changes

  • This Version has the scoring code RAF removed and replaced with RET so as to conform with the RRS 2013.
  • Changes to the Sail No Wizard
    • Fixed the “Ignore Competitors with results”, overwriting the Resolver Window.
    • You can now enter Sail numbers which match on length without them being unique.  e.g. if you have sail no’s 1, 10, 100 as soon as you press the 1 all 3 appear and you can’t press enter you have to select one of them with the mouse or the down arrow key. Now you can just type 1 [Enter] or 10 [Enter]
    • You can now put an “*” in the Sail No box and it populates with all the remaining Sail no’s then type in the resolver box to select the one you require.  This can also now be a partial Sail No.  How many times have you a sheet with something like ?57 – This will find it.  Or a results sheet with a name such as “Brian” (Of course you are meant to know Brian’s sail number of by heart) now just put an “*” in the Sailno Box and type “brian” in the resolver – Bingo!!
    • For the Class racing with the long list of numbers to enter and sometimes you press the enter only once and start putting the sail no into the position (I Don’t believe you if you say you haven’t done it).  Now enter the Sail no and press the “+” key thats the big one next to the enter key on the numeric keyboard.  Thats it, single key to enter and the next position is entered.  You can still press the enter key twice if you prefer and you will of course need to press the enter key if you want to enter a code.  Or if you are entering times.

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