Version 2.6.2

You can download Version 2.6.2 from the following link – Note this contains a new Results.htm template as well to be placed in your Template directory :-

Based on Version 2.6.1 with the following changes

  • This Version has 2 changes to the Sail no Wizard.
    • Clicking Ignore competitors with results now puts the focus back to the Sailno only a small point but improves usability.
    • Resolver contents are cleared when you enter the result and are no longer permanently remembered.  I think it is best this way as otherwise you have to remember to clear it after using it and can be confusing as to why a sail no does not appear.  I can see some reason for remembering it as well e.g. if you put Laser in the resolver you will only get sailnos for the Laser Class.  Open to comments!
  • Changes to Colin’s Publishing Class software.  The Matching Results.htm is included in the zip.  Anyone got time to see what they can do with it and post some examples?

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