Version 2-6-3

You can download Version 2.6.3 from the following link – Note this contains a new Results.htm template as well to be placed in your Template directory and All the Styles have been updated so please copy the directory included in the zip :-

Download removed please use 2.8.0

Based on Version 2.6.2 with the following changes

  • First a small correction.  If you happen to omit placing a competitor into a start.  Sailwave warns you about a competitor not being in a start.  Which is good, however it was telling you the wrong competitor which was not the end of the world but not as helpful as it could have been.  This has now been  fixed.  Thanks to Oliver for reporting it.
  • Colin has been busy again, he has:-.
    • Improved the consistencies in the CSS class names
    • Added the r variable to result code (e.g. DNF) formatting so that race rank (not place) can be used as well as points
    • Fixed hyperlink to Help FAQ from help menu.
    • Added Save as JSON to go along with Save as XML – This is still Work in Progress so will not parse with Javascript yet.

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