Version 2.7.2

You can download Version 2.7.2 from the following link – Note this contains a new Results.htm template as well to be placed in your Template directory and All the Styles have been updated so please copy the directory included in the zip :-

Download removed please use 2.8.0

Based on Version 2.7.0 with the following changes

New Feature of Score Teams by Rank and Points

New Feature of Edit – Create Aliases

  • Adds a new feature of Scoring Teams by Rank in addition to by Points.  Hopefully this is self explanatory when you select it from the Publish Menu.
  • You can now very quickly set up Aliases from the Edit Menu and New Competitor Alias (And even quicker via Ctl+Alt+n).  Note before you can use Aliases you have to enable them in the Setup UI.  If they are not enabled there the option is not visible on the Edit Menu.   First sort your columns by the appropriate selection.  e.g. sort by fleet if you want to apply aliases to a particular fleet.  Then select the first one of the fleet you want to use.  Then Edit – New Competitor Alias.  You see a large list box with the competitors in it all in the same order as you sorted them.  Select the ones you want to create Aliases for using which ever method you find easiest.  You can block select using the Mouse and Shift key or you can select them using the arrow keys and the space bar.  The choice is yours.  When you select OK Aliases will be created for them all.

Feedback on testing these features would be appreciated.


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