Version 2.8.3

You can download Version 2.8.3 from the following link – Note this contains a new Results.htm template as well to be placed in your Template directory and All the Styles have been updated so please copy the directory included in the zip :-

Based on Version 2.8.2 with the following changes

New Feature – Quick formatting of Finish Time when using Sail Number Wizard

  • OK I’ve been watching the discussions on the Sailwave User Group and hopefully this will please most of you.  Some of the requests were mutually exclusive.  So this is what I’ve done.
  • Remember this only applies to the Sail Number Wizard and the formatting and checking is only done when you enter numbers only
Finishing times
  • Finishing times 123456 will get “:”‘s entered automatically so it becomes 12:34:56
  • Finishing times entered in this format are checked and you get an error beep and prompted to reenter if the  Hr > 23 Min >59 and Sec >59
  • You don’t need to enter a leading 0 so 92345 becomes 09:23:45
  • You don’t need to enter trailing seconds if it is an exact minute so 923 becomes 09:23:00
  • You don’t need to enter trailing Mins for an exact hour so 9 becomes 09:00:00
Elapsed Times
  • When using the Sail Number Wizard to enter Elapsed times you can now enter them in the format 4327 and this gets formatted automatically to 43:27.  20351 would get formatted to 02:03:51  This should speed up entry of elapsed times and give a consistent display of the times.  Earlier versions would take this as 4327 seconds.  If you really want to enter times in seconds you can still do this by entering it as +4327.
  • So depending upon the number of digits you enter it works differently
  • 3-4 digits and it assumes you are entering Mins and secs so 923 becomes 09:23.  7546 will become 75:46 so you can go upto 9959 which becomes 99:59 if you want to go over 100 mins you still can but you have to manually enter the : so  you would enter 105:46:  Seconds are checked to be <60
  • 5-6 digits and it assumes you are entering Hr:Min:Sec.  Hours can go to 99, mins and seconds are check to be <60 display format will be hh:mm:ss
  • 7-8 digits and it assumes you are entering Days:Hrs:Min:Sec Days can go to 99, Hrs are check for <24, Mins and Secs are checked to be < 60 display format will be dd:hh:mm:ss
 Fixed Spelling Mistake
 Fixed Printing with Flags and Nationality underneath

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