Version 2.8.4 full install beta

You can download Version 2.8.4 from the link below.  Note this is a full install.

This version is based on Version 2.8.3 with the following changes.

New Feature.  Add the ability show date and time in separate row headings while publishing with separate columns for starts. 

Installer look has changed to make it look a bit more modern and visually better.

The directory for the examples and the user folders (styles, templates etc) are now in the  “Common Documents” directory.  Previously they were in the “Common AppData” directory.  This is because in Windows 7 and Vista the Common AppData directory is a hidden directory and makes it confusing and difficult to use.  So you will now find them at:-

C:\users\public\documents\Sailwave                                       (for Windows 7 and Vista)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Sailwave  (for Windows XP)

I have also set the default directory for the next open to be the examples directory.  So a new user can run the install and click File – Open and they are in the examples directory. This should help new users get started very quickly.

If you are happy with this build I will make it the new main release.


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