Version 2.9.3 full install beta

You can download Version 2.9.3  from the link below.  Note this is a full install.

This version is based on Version 2.8.5 with the following changes.

  • New Feature.  Support for the new RYA scheme of National Handicap for Cruisers – More details below.
  • Drop down for result codes in sailno wizard has been increased in size
  • Bug fix for user defined templates – Duplicates were appearing when you used the same name for your user defined templates as the default.  User defined templates with the same name over-ride the default.

National Handicap for Cruiser Preliminary Documentation

This is built into the Sailwave program from Version 2.9.

The aim of the National Handicap for Cruiser is explained in this RYA article

RYA National Handicap for Cruisers page

The main thing to do is to remember there are 2 Versions of NHC – Regatta Mode and Club Mode decide which one is applicable.

I recommend that you get familiar with how it works using the 2 sample files one for club mode and one for regatta mode which you will find in the examples directory, before you create your own.

How to tell Sailwave that you want to use the NHC and which version.

There is now an option in the Rating system options for RYA NHC and when you select it the RYA NHC Mode appears to the right

You need to select 1 of the 4 possible options – see the following image.

For each Mode of Club and Regatta there is a option to use Internal or Ext/Debug

Internal is the simple and fastest way as everything is automatic and does not require Excel.

Ext/ Debug uses a Template similar to the SWPH program for those that have used it.

This is covered in more detail later and is used for checking the workings of the calculations, and if you are outside the UK and want to use your own rules you can modify the template to apply any rules that you want for the calculation.


Below is a sample of  dual scoring using IRC and the NHC.  This example uses the Aliases feature of Sailwave so the results are only entered once and both sets of results get calculated automatically

The main class here is the IRC class with the RYA NHC class as the as the alias.

NHCImage2By using the Dropdown shown here or by pressing the short-cut F6 then “r”






You can see the ratings for each race and how they vary for each race

NHCImage4When you click the Score or the Rescore buttons of Sailwave

Sailwave scores the series and works out which competitors require new ratings calculated, these are passed to a program “SWHelper” which pops up like this:-

NHCImage5If the Normal internal mode is selected then you will see the Race Nos very quickly count through the races and it will disappear – It all happens in less than a second.

 And Thats it – Simple!!


For Club mode only there is a re-aligned rating calculated that can be used in future similar series.  Say your club has a Wednesday night series and a Sunday Series these would be 2 separate series.

Your NHC rating would be different in each, as the conditions are usually different for evening racing than day racing.  The concept is that at the end of the series the ratings get realigned.

This realigned rating is stored in the “seeding” field in Sailwave  and is the rating that should be used for this competitor in a similar series (Say the same series next year).

This rating is updated automatically after each race but you should only use this if it is the last race of the series. You then use this rating for the 1st race of the new series for this boat.


External / Debug Mode


This mode has 2 uses 

  • Check the calculations – so there are no disputes that the program is wrong (May even be a good excuse to retire to the bar!!)
  • Allows custom personal handicaps to be scored – For UK use it is recommended that you use the standard calculations although you can play the “What If” with this and you may like to make recommendations/improvements to future versions of the NHC based on the results you achieve.

When you click the Score or Rescore in this mode the same Sailwave Helper window will appear but it will also automatically open Excel with a spreadsheet similar to below.  The Sailwave Helper window will be always on top.

The spreadsheet is automatically filled with all the details for Race 1.  When you click Next it will step to Race 2 and so on.

If you click Last it will step through all the races and stop on the last race.  Which is usually the one you are interested in.  You can save or print this spreadsheet as proof of the calculations if you wish.

If you just want the results calculated and not interested in seeing the spreadsheets just click Update All.

When you close the Sailwave helper window with the red cross it will also close the Excel spread sheet and returns focus to Sailwave but it leaves Excel open in the background to make subsequent scoring faster.

A sample of the spreadsheet is shown below – Many of the cells have comments attached to them to help you understand what they are used for.

You can also see where the some of the parameters can be configured you should not change these if you want to use the NHC standard.

Click on the image below to see a larger readable versionNHCImage6

One area that you might need to modify is the Result Code Handling ( See top right)

Corrected time is calculated in 3 ways
  • Elapsed time * Rating for this Race
  • The Average of the first 3 finishers – Typically used for DNC
  • The Median of  all the finishers – Typically used for DNF

You can specify which codes get treated the same as DNC and which the same as DNF

If you are interested try setting the mode to Ext/Debug and stepping through the races.

Some more fine detail for those interested

In addition to version 2.9 or greater of the Sailwave.exe there is a file SWHelper.exe which resides in the same directory as the Sailwave.exe

This contains all the rules for calculating the NHC ratings and may get updated when any of the rules/ calculations for NHC get updated.
There are 2 Excel templates these are in the Template directory and contain the rules for the calculations in Ext/Debug mode
  • SWNHC3.xls  – This is the template for the Club mode
  • SWNHC4.xls  – This is the template for the Regatta mode

These templates are currently configured for up to 40 boats if you need more you can either extend the spreadsheet yourself or contact me for a larger one.

If you modify these they will affect all future calculations.  If you put one of the same name in your Templates directory this will be used in preference to the default one in the Sailwave\Templates directory.  Each time you rescore these are copied to a name based on the name of your blw file into your working directory.
The Excel spreadsheet has 3 worksheets The first one is named “Main”
There is also a Config Worksheet which looks like this :-
This specifies where in the spreadsheet data from Sailwave is loaded and where it is read from.
So if you are developing your own custom scoring system then you can adjust these here as you modify your spreadsheet.
The Third and final worksheet is a worksheet name “Sting”
This is used to handle the sting in the Regatta mode – it is simply a table of “0”‘s and “1”‘s that specify if a sting took place in a particular race so that it can be accessed to determine the new ratings.

Further details on the NHC scheme will shortly be available from the RYA

This is the initial beta and any feedback and suggestions are welcome.  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask

It should work as normal if you don’t use the NHC options.



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  1. Does v.2.9.7 changes the Publish process? I keep getting message: ShellExecute()error code 31. What does that mean?

  2. Hi Court, No v2.9.7 Does not change the publishing process. Error Code 31 is a File association error. In other words your PC doesn’t know how to open a file with some extension (Depends on what you were publishing to) We love to have comments and feedback but for support please use the Sailwave User Group. You will already find help on this topic there together with lots of other useful and interesting topics. For custom work or specific requests please use the Sailwave contact form. Thanks for using Sailwave. .

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