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  1. Can I download the Portsmouth Yardstick for offshore classes such as Beneteau, Catalina, J boats etc.

  2. Hi Bill, I do not have PN’s for offshore classes so currently no there is no file of ratings you can download. I will be willing to create one if I am provided with PN’s for the offshore classes such as Beneteau, Ctalaina, J-Boats etc.

    Kind regards,

  3. As Commodore of the Emmarentia Sailing Club, I wondered if there was a facility to emploit with this application to post the results to a database on our website similar to what is being done to the sailwave database. Is there a way of directing the standard update form provided in sailwave to also direct it to another website ?
    We will follow the deal requirements for this application.
    Please advise asap.

    Andrew Arthur

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