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The Trapezoid family is the flagship product of ezTrap and contains both the popular 6-leg Trap6 course (shown at the left) and the full 7-leg Trapezoid course.

Both support two fleets with different parameters such as boat LOA, Average Speeds, and Tacking Angles. ezTrap will automatically adjust W/L lengths to meet the Target Race Times of each fleet.

The Trap6 course will support an optional 3rd fleet with an '1a' mark that can be placed a variable distance above or below Mark 1.

ezTrap works with one spreadsheet tab per course - an adjacent tab contains a summary of notes about the course. Two examples are shown below:

  • The 6-leg Trap6 course with the 1a option set for three small fleets of Lightning's, Snipes, and J/24s off Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; and,

  • A 7-leg Trapezoid Course set for Lasers and Laser Radials in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.

For detailed information about these courses and others, please download the User's Manual.

Trap6 1a Course Display

ezTrap Trapezoid (6-leg) Course Display

Trapezoid Course Display

ezTrap Trapezoid Course Display