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The ezTrap Yacht Club Course allows a custom designed course to be built from fixed and/or moveable marks, which are often used for 'round the buoys' keelboat racing at yacht clubs.

The user can pre-define up to 12-fixed marks, which can be used in any combination to build a course of up to 12-legs. Any leg can be terminated with a fixed mark or defined as a relative bearing and distance from the previous mark.  ezTrap builds the course and provides the standard information about marks and legs instantly.

Some Yacht Clubs store templates of the course that contain pre-defined races using the same set of fixed marks, then pick the best template based on the current wind conditions. ezTrap instantly calculates the pertinent facts about the course including estimated sailing time by leg.

All ezTrap courses work with one spreadsheet tab per course, and an adjacent tab that contains a summary of notes about the course. For detailed information about ezTrap courses, please download the User's Manual.

An example of a Yacht Club course set in St. Margaret's Bay, NS, Canada is shown below:

Yacht Club Course Display

ezTrap Yacht Club Custom Course Display