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Trapezoid W/L Optimist Yacht Club RSX Slalom Triangle Lipton Cup

Used by:

  • Race Officers and Course-setters, on-site or remote
  • Race Management Committees
  • Sailboat Associations & Clubs with racing programs


  • FREE download
  • MS Excel® 2007-2019 and MS 365
  • 14-Courses with 32-variations supported.
  • Instant Latitudes & Longitudes of all Marks & Pins.
  • BRGs and range to/from all Marks and RC Boat.
  • Quick adjustment of course orientation, size and shape based on changing wind conditions and Target Race Times.
  • Compliance with international standards for Trapezoid, Triangle, 505, Optimist, RS:X, and Lipton Cup courses.

Does your Yacht Club use fixed marks or buoys for racing? If so, try the Club DIY course.

Ed Bottrell

About the Developer: Ed Bottrell is a life-long boater with keelboat racing and cruising experience in the Great Lakes, South Pacific, and Atlantic Canada. He was a part of the race management teams for numerous local, regional, national and international regattas for dinghies, keelboats, and ocean racers. He is a former Sail Canada Senior Instructor-Evaluator for the Cruising & Power Boat Programs, and a Coastal Navigation and Marine Radio Instructor. Ed has a BSIE degree in industrial and systems engineering from Kettering University, Flint, MI, and has held professional certifications in management consulting, project management, and information systems. Ed is retired and lives with his wife Hazel in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

ezTrap Details

ezTrap is a Microsoft Excel®-based PC application that enables sailboat Race Officers anywhere in the world to quickly design and set accurate race courses, especially Trapezoid courses.

ezTrap v21 is the last release of this unique software product, which is currently being used in 15-countries in both hemispheres: Australia, Brunei, Canada, England, Finland, Indonesia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Thailand, USA, and Wales.

Our users have already found compelling reasons to "go digital" with GPS and ezTrap. We're confident that you will too.

Key Benefits of ezTrap

Short Design Time: In sailboat racing, time is a critical success factor for setting and changing the course. Once the RC Signals Boat is in position and the Wind Direction determined, an ezTrap course can be designed or changed within seconds to meet the Target Race Time. The complexities of designing Trapezoid and other courses are minimized.

Accuracy and Precision: ezTrap was built using Microsoft Excel®, which accurately calculates Latitudes and Longitudes, leg lengths, angles, times, etc. to a very high precision. Using simple Input Values, ezTrap instantly makes the complex calculations and displays the results. ezTrap has been validated to be accurate and precise; for example, Latitudes and Longitudes are displayed to the nearest 0.001' or about 6-10 feet.

Faster Set-up and Change Time: Again, time is of the essence when setting or changing a course. ezTrap not only provides Range and Bearings to/from each Mark it also provides Latitudes & Longitudes, allowing Mark Boats (equipped with GPS) to quickly find the proper mark position. Further, multiple marks can be set (or reset) concurrently. The Range and Bearing information can also be useful for ROs and/or Mark Setters with hand-held compasses; however, the real-world results are considerably less accurate than with GPS. Expect to save 15-20min or more per set-up or change of a typical Trapezoid race course.

Optimization: ezTrap provides several embedded algorithms that automatically optimize characteristics of the race course including calculation of the ideal W/L and Reach leg lengths to meet the Target Race Times and desired fleet spacing of multiple fleets.

Uniform High Quality: The essential geometry of ezTrap courses are predefined to international standards, and repeatable anywhere in the World to meet consistent high quality expectations.

Flexibility: Numerous Input Values are available for designing (and tweaking) most ezTrap courses to meet the capabilities of the fleet(s), racing conditions, Target Race Times, RC/mark boat resources, and objectives of the RO.

Confidence: ezTrap greatly reduces the likelihood of human error and provides a high-degree of confidence in the squareness, integrity, and high quality of the course, which is especially important for championship racing.

Course Families

ezTrap v21 supports 14-different courses with a total of 32-variations. In addition, v21 includes a Latitude/Longitude Calculator. Please click on any of the families below to get more information and to see detailed examples.



RS:X Windsurfer Slalom

505 Worlds & Triangle


Yacht Club (custom)

Lipton Cup