UPDATE 4th March 2019 – Due to some missing PY’s in the limited data file the  RYA have reissued it and the changes have now been reflected in the Sailwave rating files available for download.  If you have already downloaded them please update with the current version.

The new 2019 Portsmouth Numbers released today by the RYA are available for download from the rating file library of the Sailwave website.

There is also a limited data file of ratings for classes which have not received enough feedback to be included in this years updated ratings.  You can load multiple files with Sailwave if you place them in your ratings directory.

SCHRS and SCHRS PN equivalents have also been updated for 2019

You can examine and edit these file with a text editor or compatible spreadsheet.

Thanks to Huw Pearce for creating these files in Sailwave compatible format from the RYA  files

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